Liquor Lab

Bringing the world's best mixology experience online

The Need

We were asked by Liquor Lab to take their exceptional mixology classes into the digital space. They wanted an experinece that users could get anywhere in the world at anytime. They want to be the authority on mixology and to get there, they needed more customers to be able to access them than ever before. To do so, they needed to bring the Liquor Lab experience of top notch ingredients, world class bartenders, and provide it online.

The Challenge

Liquor Lab is fundamentally a physical and hands-on experience. How do we translate that experience into a digital format that still fulfills the full Liquor Lab experience. One that will not only stay true to the brand value but also build on it.

The Solution

We migrated the original Liquor Lab site to a new modern site built with NextJS and allow users to sign up for an online Liquor Lab account that would allow them to test their cocktail knowledge, learn how to make dinks, upload photos of their creations, particiapte in challenges, and get rewarded. Additionally we built a more cohesive event ticketing platform that would easily allow customers to purchase tickets from any of their locations.

The Result