How GOAT creates a billion dollar sneaker ecommerce experience
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How GOAT creates a billion dollar sneaker ecommerce experience

April 25, 2021

GOAT, a Los Angeles-based startup has become one of the biggest e-commerce companies since it launched in the last 5 years. GOAT markets itself as the global platform for the greatest hard-to-find items in the world. Here are the elements that GOAT incorporates into their website and app that channel a world-class experience.

A clean but visually engaging home page.

GOAT's home page is minimal but keeps the user engaged with a variety of GIFs, curated product collections, spotlights, and more. The minimalist style with a focus on curation supports their claim of being a leader in streetwear fashion.

Leveraging influencers in the discover process

GOAT goes further by curating a dedicated style page showcasing influencers and community members alike. When you view an image, it will also give you the option the shop the style with a link that takes you directly to the product. This is an effective way to convert users who are just browsing into buying.

Screenshots of goat mobile app styles

Ensuring a smooth checkout

On Desktop, GOAT reminds the user of why they’re logging in. Other e-commerce stores will just show users a login screen and take them out of context of why theyre even creating an account in the first place. When asking users to perform tedious actions (like creating an account for the hundreth time), it's important to remind them why theyre doing so to keep them motivated.

When clicking the checkout button on a product, GOAT keeps the product in view when showing you the signup screen
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