3 Components of Great Homepages
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3 Components of Great Homepages

March 10, 2021

Create powerful yet concise headers

livefeather.com homepage header

Feather makes it clear they have a new method of handling furniture rentals and that it can be delivered to you and assembled fast.

Heyday homepage hero

Heyday tells their customers they don’t have to second guess their skincare and to trust them because they’re backed by “300 estheticians”

reasontosmile.com homepage header

Smile boldly tells their customers their products will make them feel better or they can return them

Use social proof to build credibility

Casper homepage social proof

Casper uses multiple types of social proof including 5-star review counts and survey results

Intercom.com homepage social proof

Intercom brags about the large number of companies that are delivering “conversational” experiences with their platform

Theragun.com homepage social proof

Theragun tells impactful stories of how their products change the lives of their customers

Place CTAs in key decision moments

Atoms.com homepage cta

Atoms catches undecided users at the end of their homepage by offering a quiz that will help them in choosing a fit

Barrys.com homepage CTA

Barrys provides 2 CTAs here that will take users to 2 different explanations of their workout depending the user’s experience

Aesop.com homepage CTA

Aesop offers users to view their guides in order to understand their skin type so that Aesop can better recommend products


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